Bethany Keirans

Bethany grew up as an Air Force brat, and is a third generation Air Force Veteran. From the age of 11, she knew she wanted to carry on the family tradition and follow her father’s service during the Gulf War and Post 9/11 eras, and her grandfather who served during the Korean War. Bethany served over eight years as an enlisted Medic, during which she deployed in support of Joint Special Operations and Naval Special Warfare teams. She separated as a Staff Sergeant in January of 2016, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Public Health from American University. Bethany worked as a Legislative Fellow for the Veterans of Foreign Wars, and later as an Assistant Director for Policy and Government Affairs at Vietnam Veterans of America.

Bethany is also an Air Force spouse and mother to four children. Due to her husband’s frequent deployments and TDY assignments, she understands the stresses families go when their loved ones are away continuing the mission. This understanding drives her passion to volunteer as a Key Spouse for her husband’s squadron. She enjoys helping spouses and families adjust to having an empty space at the dinner table, and provides support for airmen and their families during deployments and extended TDYs. 

Bethany began her journey into advocacy and legislation while on active duty. Her understanding of Tricare policies for service members and their families allowed her to serve as a patient advocate within her unit. She used her knowledge of local and federal policies to manage multi-million dollar supply and equipment programs, while serving as the Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge of deployment readiness for Immunizations at multiple installations. 

Bethany’s goal is to learn as much about advocacy and legislation as possible, and to use that knowledge, along with her medical experience, to ensure equitable and comprehensive benefits are afforded to ALL veterans. She plans to return to American University this winter to begin a Master of Public Administration and Policy program. 
Currently, her action priorities are expedited citizenship or naturalization, fair and equitable education, and comprehensive health care to all service members and veterans.

You can follow Bethany on Twitter (@bkeirans) or connect with her on Linkedin (https://www.linkedin.com/in/bethanykeirans/)