"Bad-Paper Discharges" have been unfairly issued to veterans who suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, traumatic brain injury, military sexual trauma, and other service-related conditions for generations.

High Ground Veterans Advocacy has built a coalition consisting of dozens of congressionally chartered veteran service organizations and veteran-centered nonprofits to raise awareness for veterans suffering from PTSD, TBI and MST, who have been unfairly denied veterans benefits as a result of "bad-paper" discharges. Visit HighGroundVets.org/Fairness4Vets to learn more.
VICE News Tonight correspondent Josh Hersh met with a group of veterans fighting on behalf of vets with what they say are wrongful bad paper discharges. This video originally aired on December 6, 2016 on HBO. Editor: Nelson Ryland


We live in an era where there is an all-volunteer force, and less than 1% of the nation serves in uniform, so it is an absolute disgrace that soldiers suffering from service-related conditions are being discharged without access to VA benefits, particularly mental health treatment.  For many of these soldiers, due to their physical and psychological symptoms and the nature of their separation from military service, those with less-than-honorable discharges are often socially isolated from the military and veterans community, and are more likely to be homeless, suffer from substance abuse, go without treatment for physical and mental injuries, become incarcerated, and more likely to die by suicide.


View the entire September 13th 2016 Fairness for Veterans press conference here, courtesy of Wounded Warrior Project.


The Veterans Community makes our case for legislative and administrative reforms, what we call #Fairness4Vets, in Restoring Honor to Veterans with Invisible Injuries.