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Joseph "Joe" Fuentes

Joe Fuentes joined the Marine Reserves in August of 2006, and reported to 3d Force Reconnaissance Company in April of 2007 as a radio operator for 2nd Platoon. After doing bilateral training for the Partnership of the Americas in the summer of 2008, which took him to Colombia and Peru, Joe would next leave the country in the fall of 2009 in support of Operation Enduring Freedom with 4th Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion. Upon returning home, Joe finished his Associates Degree before deploying to Uganda and Djibouti under Special Purpose Marine Air Ground Task Force 12, performing train and advise missions with partner nation military forces. Joe continued supporting these missions with deployments to Panama in 2014 and El Salvador in 2016, while also completing his Bachelor of Science in Digital Cinematography through Full Sail University.

Now a Staff Sergeant, Joe serves as 2nd Platoon’s Comm Chief at his unit, while contracting as a Weapons and Tactics Instructor for the 421st Combat Training Squadron, United States Air Force, at Joint Base MDL, New Jersey. 

Joe hopes to pursue a Master’s degree in Public Policy, with the ultimate goal of a career in entertainment or education focused on better informing the public on the political process and deescalating what has become a sharply partisan atmosphere.

Mission Statement: "Leadership, discipline, and subject matter expertise are the hallmarks of the Non Commissioned Officer across all branches of the United States’ Armed Services. The high quality of these service members is what militaries around the world wish so desperately to emulate. Because the vast skills these veterans have are so sought after, it is imperative that we do a better job of translating their expertise into skill sets and opportunities that could be applied to the civilian work force. In an effort to curb  underemployment faced by the veteran community, all Departments within the Federal government need to open consideration for entry level GS positions to veterans with the requisite skill sets, waiving the mandatory bachelor's degree requirement. This would aid in veteran transition and retain talent within the government sector by putting real world experience to work."

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