Lobsang "Mike" Salaka

Lobsang Salaka served in the US Army as an automated logistical specialist and completed three combat tours. His assignments include NCOIC of 10th MTN General Supply Branch (GSB) and ISAF Humanitarian Relief Aid, and DoD reverse logistics Operation NCO. He obtained an MBA from the State University of New York in 2014. He is perusing an Executive MPA at the Columbia University in the City of New York. He is fellow of the Veterans in Global Leadership Fellowship 2017. Currently, Lobsang is the Mission Continues Fellowship at Congressman Joe Crowley District Office in NY-14 serving as the Veterans and Community affairs outreach aid.

"I am shocked that the veterans community experiences such a high suicidal rate, unemployment rate, homeless, and mental health issues including TBI and PTSD despite having so many resources available to them. If we can make them into soldiers, then we need to make them who they were. We can accomplish this by providing individualized social workers to navigate benefits and services what they are entitled. Soldiers leaving service must be mentally and physically ready to move on with their lives. For that, the Congress must ensure that veterans receive support during their transition period to aid them personally and professionally ready for civilian life."