Omar Andrews

Omar Andrews joined the Marine Corps in 2010; first serving as a Team Leader with the Fleet Anti-Terrorism Security Team, he deployed to the Pacific Theater and was involved in multiple Foreign Internal Defense

operations.  Later he served as a Squad Leader in the 2nd Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion and deployed on the 22nd Marine Expeditionary Unit, which operated in an area spanning 3 continents from Portugal to Oman. In June of 2016, Omar left active duty with meaningful life experiences based in the principle of servant leadership.

Higher education has been integral to the success of veterans after military service since the Revolutionary war, Omar has continued in this tradition at the University of Southern Maine(USM); while majoring in Political Science, he has continued to take on leadership roles. As the Student Veterans of America(SVA) Chapter President of The Husky Veterans student organization, Omar serves as a link between student veterans and the faculty and staff of the University.  He is also a peer advisor in the Peer Advisors for Veterans Education(P.A.V.E.) program which supports incoming veterans by pairing them with veterans already on campus. Omar has taken his passion for community service and public policy to pursue positive change at all levels of government.


Omar was selected to be in the first cohort of Policy Liaisons for the SVA in August of 2016, a position which connects SVA headquarters to issues concerning student veterans on the state and local level.  He has advocated for policies regarding the student loan debt crisis, which allowed him to work with allies such as the Center for Responsible Lending and multiple elected officials within the state government.  Omar speaks for veterans at USM and has advised Glenn Cummings, the University President on improving the transition and experiences veterans have at USM. On the local level, he has championed the importance of higher education to district representatives by petitioning for grants which would support the University of Maine System.

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