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Decisions which impact the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs can have drastic consequences for the lives of servicemembers and veterans. That's why Veterans need to be proactive in educating the general public on military and veterans' issues and become engaged with all levels of government. We're here to facilitate and prepare veterans for those important conversations.


Our Mission

The goal of High Ground Veterans Advocacy is to empower servicemembers and veterans to become advocates and leaders in Washington DC, their home states, and local communities. Servicemembers and veterans will receive instruction and training to communicate and network with other Military Service Organizations (MSOs) Veteran Service Organization (VSOs), directly engage with the media, write opinion editorials, properly use social media, and effectively engage with elected and appointed government officials. Servicemembers and veterans trained by High Ground Veterans Advocacy will be  encouraged to pursue leadership roles within their respective local VSO chapters. High Ground Veteran Advocacy will perform detailed research on military and veterans’ issues, and will propose legislative and administrative solutions to problems faced by the military and veteran community. High Ground Veterans Advocacy will train at least one class of servicemembers and veterans per year to develop highly effective teams focused on educating government officials and the general public on a variety of veterans issues. High Ground Veterans Advocacy teams will work to promote improvements to the transition process when veterans leave the military, healthcare and education, and to expand veterans’ access to all earned benefits.

The true cost of war — that’s what this is about for me. That’s why I am here.
— Steve Acheson, Iraq Veteran, United States Army Sergeant

What We've Achieved

  • Introduction and passage of The Military Mental Health Review Board Improvement Act (Section 521 of Public Law 113-291 passed on on 12/19/2014).
  • Introduction of the Fairness for Veterans Act (S.1567/HR.4683 114th Congress)
  • Trained four veterans advocates in our first class of 2016.
  • Received media coverage from a variety of sources such as New York Times, National Public Radio and Military Times.
  • Built a bipartisan coalition of over a dozen Post-9/11 Veterans who have been elected to Congress to introduce the Fairness for Veterans Act. 
  • Hosted the Fairness for Veterans Coalition meeting which included the participation of over two dozen Veterans Service Organizations and Veterans Legal Clinics from across the country.
  • Participated in dozens of meetings with members and congressional staff in Washington.