Fellowship Program Description


The High Ground Veterans Advocacy Program is a professional development program. This program takes individuals interested in affecting policy change and trains them to become national veteran advocates. This program requires three months of preparation for The Advocacy Experience followed by one year of active engagement.

The Onboarding Process: The Onboarding Process is the period from which a Fellow is accepted to the Fellowship to The Advocacy Experience. This process includes getting to know your other classmates via electronic communication, fundraising, and preparation of documents for The Advocacy Experience. Transportation must be purchased by the fellows no later than four weeks prior to The Advocacy Experience (we will only reimburse for economy class travel. If you would like to travel in any other class, you must purchase and will not be reimbursed.) Fellows must raise $1,000 prior to attending the The Advocacy Experience in order to receive reimbursement of travel costs. Fellows will set up their G-Suite accounts, Long Form Bio, polish policy proposals, set up fundraising page, prepare and share press release,  and establish social media accounts (if not already established.)

The Advocacy Experience: The Advocacy Experience is the 7-10 day training in DC. During this period you will learn Team-building, establishing "your brand" and getting to know policy and how DC works, Messaging and Communications, and Storm the Hill. Fellows will draft a “One-Pager” for their policy proposal. The Directors will arrange meetings with House/Senate members and staff. Dress code is business casual for training periods and business dress for storming the Hill, unless otherwise advised by the Directors.

Active Advocacy: Active Advocacy is the twelve month period following The Advocacy Experience. It will include such things as completing the HGVA After Action Report, drafting a One Year Advocacy Plan, and completion of Fundraising. Fellows will receive support from the Directors as well as Continuing Fellows as Fellows work to fulfill the policy goals in their One Year Advocacy Plan. Fellows will continue fundraising efforts until they have reached their fundraising goal.

Physical Requirements: Physical requirements for participation in the HGVA Fellowship include the ability to walk at a rapid pace for short durations, the ability to walk up to four miles a day, the ability to ascend and descend stairs, the ability to work steadily for 10-12 hours per day, the ability to speak at a typical cadence and volume, and the ability to carry 10 pounds.

Reasonable accommodations will be made for participants with disabilities. If you have questions or concerns, please reach out to the HGVA Directors.

Continued Engagement: After the 12 month Active Advocacy is completed, Fellows will become mentors to the subsequent classes of fellows and receive continued advocacy support on the policy goals in their One Year Advocacy Plan.