Wesley Wilson

Wesley Wilson, originally from Lexington, South Carolina, served in the United States Army from September 2012 to September 2017 as a Military Police Officer. Wesley served in Camp Humphreys, South Korea, from 2013 to 2014, and then the United States Military Academy at West Point from 2014 to 2017. Wesley served in various leadership positions from Honor Guard Non-Commissioned Officer in Charge, Military Police Patrol Supervisor, and Military Police Desk Sergeant. Wesley earned an associate of arts degree, graduating with honors, during his time in the service from the American Military University. 

Wesley is passionate about the veteran community and wishes to recreate the same camaraderie-based relationships outside of the military between veterans. As a junior at Fordham University, studying Organizational Leadership, he has ambitions to assume leadership roles within the veteran community and implement real change. After Fordham, he plans to transition to graduate study in public administration at Princeton University and acquire the tools necessary to develop and implement policies on a larger scale

Mission Statement: Certain veterans every year are, in a sense, being robbed of their educational benefits. A veteran transitioning out of the service with aspirations of using the G.I. Bill may receive less G.I. Bill payments than their counterparts simply based on the date they entered active duty, causing undue financial hardships and anxiety on an already daunting task. My mission is to advocate on behalf of my comrades for policy reform to ease the burden of transitioning and bridge the gap between newly transitioning veterans and their educational benefits. Veterans have waited years to go to school and only need a shot, an opportunity, to better themselves. With our help, we can help line up that shot. 

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